Country Life May 3 2017

Country Life May 3 2017 is our gorgeous Cotswolds number featuring terrific teashops, Frankenstein’s real author, plus how to wash sheep. Find out more here:

ARCHITECTURE: Built to mark Britain’s Indian triumphs, Sezincote in Gloucestershire is no mere fancy, explains Max Bryant

GARDENS: Zesty planting schemes full of vibrant colour are counterpoint to more serene moments of greenery and calm at Woodlands Farm, Gloucestershire, finds Vanessa Berridge

COTSWOLDS: Kate Green meets the people who put the magic into one of Britain’s most special areas

BADMINTON HORSE TRIALS: Kate Green assesses rider form ahead of the horse trials

Recommended videos for you

FRANKENSTEIN: Nearly 200 years since the novel was published, questions remain as to whether Mary Shelley wrote it. Michael Murray-Fennell investigates

WOOL WASH: Eleanor Doughty explores a Cotswolds pool used for the ancient practice of sheep washing

TEASHOPS: Where better to indulge in a slice of cake than in the Cotswolds? Kevin Pilley tours the region’s finest teashops

INTERIORS: Amelia Thorpe selects the best sofas and Giles Kime praises the chaise

COOKING: Agretti is an accessible alternative to salty samphire suggests Meleanie Johnson

CIGARS: Bolivar sizes up the ‘It’ cigars of recent years

PROPERTY: Penny Churchill reviews the Cotswolds property market and Annunciata Walton rounds up gorgeous properties for sale in the area

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