Country Life October 26 2016

Country Life October 26 2016 is our super sporting and country number in which we discover the joys of walked-up shooting and speak to masters of the sporting trinity: hunting, shooting and fishing. Find out more here:

ARCHITECTURE: Judith Hill describes the remarkable history of Charleville Castle in Co Offaly, which was inspired by Strawberry Hill

GARDENS: Steven Desmond surveys the autumn glory of the restored Arts-and-Crafts garden at Standen in West Sussex

INTERVIEW: Simon Hart, the MP and Countryside Alliance chairman, talks to Kate Green about standing firm on fieldsports

THE SPORTING TRINITY: We talk glibly about the huntin’, shootin’, fishin’ man, but does he really exist any more? Adrian Dangar tracks down keen exponents of all three arts

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WALKED-UP SHOOTING: The relaxed atmosphere of a day’s walked-up shooting can remind you why you love the sport, says Simon Lester

FISHING: David Profumo has a rip-snorting year from Perthshire to Hampshire and looks forward to autumn success

MOTORING: The Porsche Macan’s covetable curves and performance leave Charles Rangeley-Wilson lovelorn

VINYL: It’s time to dig out your vinyl albums: Jonathan Self celebrates the record rennaissance

DEATH MASKS: The death mask gives us access to a long-lost chapter—James Litten looks death in the face

LUXURY: Hetty Chidwick discovers what Jimmy Doherty and Mariella Frostrup couldn’t live without, how to care for wood with David Linley and the latest news in the world of luxury

COOKING: Melanie Johnson’s warming ways with butternut squash

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