Country Life September 12 2018

Country Life September 12 2018 explains how to build a natural swimming pool, takes a look at shrews and enjoys some of Britain’s finest gardens.

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GARDENS: A beautiful Berkshire garden examined by George Plumptre, while plantswoman Sarah Raven talks to Country Life.

THE LIFE AND WORK OF CONSTANCE VILLIERS: Mary Ann Prior on a gardening genius.

TRADITIONAL SKILLS: Ancient craftsmanship is at the forefront of the work being done by a new generation of architects.

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WHAT TO PLANT NOW FOR SPRING: John Hoyland suggests a small, sturdy plant to guarantee spring joy.

FAVOURITE PAINTING: Simon Dickinson’s selection.

LIVING NATIONAL TREASURE: The Windsor chair maker.

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PERFECT POTS: 10 planters to make a statement in your garden.

BEETROOT: Melanie Johnson cooks with what is undoubtedly our favourite purple foodstuff.

JOSEPH WRIGHT: Derby’s finest painter considered by Emma Crichton-Miller.

NATURAL POOLS: Our gardens editor Tiffany Daneff on the joys of the natural pool.

SHREWS: How did the little rodent earn such a foul reputation? Ian Morton explains.

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