Kale recipes

Kale recipes have had some good press over the past decade – and quite rightly so, given the incredible health benefits and fabulous flavour.

It descends from the original wild Asian cabbage and was brought to us by the Celts.

It packs a powerful superfood punch, with more than twice the vitamin C of oranges, plus it contains Omega-3 fatty acids, more vitamin A than any other leafy green and more calcium than milk.

Curly kale was a staple of the European peasant’s diet throughout the Middle Ages, but made its way onto more noble tables by the 18th century.

Particularly popular in Scotland due its hardiness, it was grown in protected, purpose-built yards and most houses had one.

Today, this earnest vegetable is the star of the brassica family and impossibly chic – not to mention hugely versatile. It’s perfect for use in everything from soups to making chips. So here are our favourite kale recipes to help you enjoy it now, while it’s in season.