Country Life’s ten favourite cities in the world — can you pick a favourite?

As summer comes to an end, the weather turns and the running of the country turns to chaos and farce, can you blame us of thinking about our next trip away?

We polled Country Life’s staff to find out their favourite cities across the globe to produce the shortlist below — and now we want to hear your votes for your favourites.

Good luck, because coming up with the list of ten wasn’t easy. Some — New York, Barcelona — were relatively straightforward and begged for inclusion.

Others, however, were trickier, prompting howls of protest as Melbourne got the nod over Sydney and Nashville over New Orleans. Some of the staff were outraged that not a single of one Italy’s glorious cities made the list, while Asia’s gleaming, breakneck metropolises were similarly snubbed.

But such a list is always going to be divisive; and it’s almost impossible to imagine anyone coming away disappointed from any of our list of 10.

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You can vote for your favourite in the box above; and we’ll be profiling the winner in our travel special issue at the very end of 2019.

  • New York
  • Vienna
  • Melbourne
  • Nashville
  • Tangier
  • Barcelona
  • Lisbon
  • Stockholm
  • San Francisco
  • Cape Town