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This week in our Augut 21 issue of Country Life we take a look at the inimitable peacock, and how it has inspired everyone from artists to country house owners; we go mink hunting, we cook beautiful recipes with cherries and we ask Hilary Mantel all about her favourite painting.

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  • Holly Kirkwood

    Dear Kate thanks so much for your comments. The article was more about boating than specifically canals but we are sorry you didn’t like our picture choice.
    Meanwhile the issue didn’t carry any advertising for canal boats. Anthony’s trip with Terry isn’t something the public can book for themselves if they like the sound of the article, whereas the Monmouthshire and Brecon is a trip which is open to the public – and we can recommend Brecon Boats. Hope this helps to explain a little!

  • Kate Davies

    “Slow boats to bliss” (CL 21st August).

    How lovely to see that you reflect so well the joys of boating on our canal system.

    What a pity that you chose not to illustrate with a picture of a canal but a river. Whilst rivers are wonderful, they are very different in feel and landscape to a canal.

    ALSO – how could you say that the boat that Antony Woodward had travelled on was on the Mon and Brec when he was clearly through the wording of his article travelling on the Grand Union in Northamptonshire in Terry Darlington’s own boat! What a shame advertising has to take precedent over accuracy.

    Kate Davies nb Vanguard