Local opposition is building against a proposed wind farm on the escarpment between two much loved Elizabethan landmarks in Derbyshire, Hardwick Hall and Bolsover Castle. Following a meeting last month, the applicant, Losk Lane Wind Farm Ltd, may reduce the number of turbines from three to two, and, at time of going to press, Bolsover District Council was awaiting written confirmation of this. The siting of the 410ft-high (at rotor tip) turbines on the exposed ridge of an old coalfield could affect the view of 14 listed buildings or Scheduled Monuments in the area.

A spokesman for National Trust-managed Hardwick Hall, which has formally objected to the plan for three turbines, says: ‘It’s a cynical decision to say they’re on “damaged land”, because it’s an area that is just coming back to life.’ The Trust says the turbines would be ‘a competing and discordant element on the skyline’ and would result in ‘sub-stantial harm’ to Hardwick, which attracts 160,000 visitors a year.

English Heritage, which runs Bolsover Castle, has also objected. It says the wind farm would be
‘an unduly prominent feature in the landscape occupied by these heritage assets’ and that the scale and proximity of the development ‘was not in keeping with the human scale of Bolsover as a small market town’.

The Derbyshire Wildlife Trust has objected about the impact on birds, especially the golden plover, as has Natural England, and there are archaeology-based concerns, too.

Further information can be found on the local council website (www.bolsover.gov.uk/council-news-2012.html), and anyone wishing to comment on the proposed wind farm should write to Planning Department, Bolsover District Council, Sherwood Lodge, Bolsover, Derbyshire S44 6NF.

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  • Barry Bannister

    Wind farms continue to use the same statements as power to reduce bills etc, but all they do is make money for the owners. They have (As usual) no concern for nature, views, other people and the impact they have on quiet rural landscapes. In fact wind turbines are noisy and when you get close to them pretty scary. They are pointless as power generators. They have been appearing all over for some time, but my bills have never come down. Ban them here. Build them in town centres like Sheffield which has lots of hills (Bet they won’t allow that.