Midmar Castle in Scotland and Woodside Castle in Ayrshire, in Scotland, are both still in search of a buyer. 

Scottish castle with armour, shooting and a title


Midmar Castle had much to offer budding lairds back in February last year, including a title, but hasn’t yet found the right buyer.

Historic Ayrshire castle in disrepair



This fascinating Ayrshire property, Woodside Castle, comes with an arboretum, woodland and paddocks. It appeared on the market last spring and is still available.

  • Miss Shahnaz Khan

    Dear Agents,

    since the beautiful property has not yet found a buyer and I do not have the funds to purchase this myself, I don’t suppose the sellers would consider hanging onto it and think about me opening a spiritual centre in it fro them in exchange for a salary and option to buy at a later date? At least they could make some money from it rather than it sitting doing nothing.

    Best regards,
    Miss Shahnaz Khan
    0798 337 8841