Georgian saloon, Staffordshire

The initial project set out to repair the lantern above the Saloon designed for the house by Sir John Soane in 1786. The windows were broken, the lead cracked, the timber rotten and the plaster around the rim below the lantern had an expanding crack extending around the perimeter. The plaster was damp and mouldy and the structure leaked during rainfall. In addition to this, the interior decoration was looking very tired. Shortly before the work on the lantern began (which included removing the windows a bay at a time for repair, replacing the lead, repairing the plaster, rebuilding the gutters and creating new steelwork to support the chandelier) the family got in touch with the Soane Museum and it was decided to redecorate the entire saloon. Listed Building Consent was granted for a complete colour change to return to Soane’s original scheme, as detailed in a watercolour, of stoney-coloured tones. In addition a Victorian dado was removed from the walls, the chimney piece – which had been rendered over in the past – was restored, a new chandelier (to replace the one installed in the 70s) was installed and and the Front Hall was also redecorated to complete the scheme.