How to make the perfect hot toddy

Recently suffering severe a man cold I was searching for a way to feel not so wretched. Honey, hot water and lemon juice were palatable but I felt there was something missing. In a moment of clarity I remembered the benefits of a hot toddy (I didn’t know anyone called Toddy so made do with the following ingredients)

The basic ingredients are:

One and a half fluid ounces of whisky, gin or rum
Juice of half a lemon
A teaspoon of honey
Boiling water.

You can substitute the hot water for a favourite comforting tea and the lemon for orange according to taste.

A clove and, or, a small cinnamon stick can add more flavour but depends on individual taste (remove them before drinking).

You can modify this basic recipe to suit your taste and degree of comfort required.

The beauty of the Toddy is that he is a very adaptable chap and can be used to bring comfort and well-being not just to cold sufferers but also those who seek a soporific solution for cold winter nights.

Taste tested:
Port, lemon and honey (in measures as above) topped up with an orange, mango and cinnamon fruit tea