Search for Britain’s Ugliest Building

A new television series will find Britain’s ‘worst’ building and then demolish it, Channel 4 has revealed.

In conjunction with the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), the show, to be called ‘Demolition’, will invite viewers to nominate their least favourite architectural eyesores across the country.

An expert judging panel will pick the worst according to its quality of construction, scale and aesthetics, and in a final live show, the most offensive building will be demolished.

The show will explore why ‘bad’ buildings get built in the first place, and a planned subsequent series will follow the construction of a replacement building.

Executive Producer Nick Kent said: ‘Bad buildings can blight people’s lives. Demolition is about judging buildings, not just bricks and mortar, but also for their human dimension. How well do they serve the people who live and work in them, or just pass them by every day?’

RIBA President George Ferguson said: ‘What I seek is public intolerance of the worst and demand for the best. This is about repairing damaged places.’’s own search for Britain’s worst eyesore

Channel 4