Country mouse on a pleasant tour of London

Meet me by the Churchill and Roosevelt statue at the end of Bond Street.’ I stand looking for a man in a blazer as the two old leaders sit chuckling on their garden bench. I wonder what they’d think of the mess we’re in now.

A jaunty blazer soon arrives, worn by Nic Wing, founder of Cities in Sound. He’s had the excellent idea to provide either a downloadable guide or a pre-loaded MP3 player for people to take on walks around great cities of the world.

I had, without much difficulty, chosen the London Cuban Cigar Walk and spent the next hour and a half learning more about luxury, London’s history and cigars than I had managed in the previous 40-odd years. As we glided along on a bright May afternoon around some of the most charming streets in London, I discovered gem upon gem and what was hidden behind the nooks and crannies, passed the most valuable tree in Britain, and learnt almost too much about the open sewer that is now Berkeley Square.

The four cigar shops we visited provided ample opportunity to sample Cuban’s finest, and I could have spent all day there, armed with my new knowledge. Quite simply, it was one of the most pleasant and informative afternoons I’ve ever had in London. For details, visit