That’s Entertainment

Write about what you know, they said. Give our online readers something extra from the magazine. A different way of looking at things. As an avid film fan who watches far too much television, and a regular film reviewer for Country Life, the answer seemed clear. An irreverent, offbeat look at books, theatre, music, dance, film, television, radio and popular culture?and probably all at the same time.

They say there’s nothing new under the sun and given the current trend towards making the film of the play of the T-shirt like a modern-day ouroboros, it often seems that we’re seeing the same old people in the same old things (but that’s another column) or soap and reality stars taking advantage of their moment in the spotlight (don’t get me started? hang on, let me write that one down).

And don’t worry, it’s not going to be some celebrity love-fest or an analysis of who’s slept with whom, what that person is wearing or the latest way to achieve a size zero (although that may yet come up). You can pick up any number of glossy magazines for that. In fact, they all seem to have the same people going on about the same things ? only the pictures change.

As with any blog, feedback is always welcome as are suggestions for subjects you’d like to skewered? I mean, analysed.

Jane’s blog will be posted every Friday.