Country Life’s top columns and features of 2022

From the characters that inhabit the Highlands to the columnist who got The Queen out of a sticky situation, here are our most popular columns, features and curious questions of 2022.

The ruins 7,000 years older than Stonehenge which overthrow the way we think about our common past

Jason Goodwin visited an ancient site — but he didn’t even take his camera. Here’s why, and what it told him about what he was seeing.

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Smashing vases, feral kittens and putting ice in your wine — Country Life’s agony aunt Mrs Hudson on how to deal with the lot

Our much-loved agony aunt is currently on maternity leave; we need her back, and soon. (Keep your eyes peeled this coming summer.)

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Asset stripping, helicopters to Gretna Green, drinks all round and land at 5p an acre

Joe Gibbs reminisces about the Dutchmen who made a home in the Highlands — and made quite a splash.

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How do you pronounce Belvoir, Featherstonhaugh and Bagehot?

Even simple-looking names like Powell and Coke can trip up the unwary, while Belvoir and Featherstonhaugh are positive linguistic land mines. Eleanor Doughty (Dowty? Dockerty? Dotty?) investigated.

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‘Hang on — was I just charged 64 quid for some salad, six chicken strips and a quiche the size of a doorknob?’

Lucy Baring headed in to London and felt the cost of inflation.

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Curious Questions: Why do we take Christmas decorations down on January 6th?

Our Curious Questions regular columnist Martin Fone took a look at one of the seemingly-arbitrary quirks of the season.

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The day I rescued The Queen

Our long-standing contributor Carla Carlisle was lucky enough to meet the Queen. And even luckier to be able to help Her Majesty out of a bit of a spot.

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The burial mounds that pre-date Stonehenge by seven centuries

Vicky Liddell did some digging — pretty much literally — into the mysterious existence of barrows.

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‘The very idea of stripes on a lawn made my German friend shudder’

Centrepiece of a classic English country garden, or bourgeois construct of the machine age? Our columnist Jason Goodwin took aim at the lawn.

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