Town mouse on cartoonists

Hip, hip, hurrah this week to our very own cartoonist, Jonathan Pugh, who won the Cartoon Art Trust Award for Pocket Cartooning at the Cartoon Art Trust Awards, held in the charming Mall Galleries. Champagne and fish pie, followed by toffee ice cream, set the tone for a night of occasionally childish humour and anarchic behaviour. Graeme Garden, of Radio 4?s I?m Sorry I Haven?t A Clue, presented an award with the wit and warmth you?d expect.

The legendary Mac (looking, forgive me, surprisingly young) had flown back that afternoon from a sabbatical in Australia to collect his prize for Political Cartoonist of the Year. The spry octogenarian Jerry Robinson, who created Robin and the Joker of Batman and Robin, presented an award to Steve Bell. But the night was underlined by Ralph Steadman, who, collecting his Lifetime Achievement Award, said: ?I?ve got a speech but f*** the speech. I?m going to sing a song instead.? He promptly launched into a rallying tune that threatened at any moment to spill into madness, but held on by a thread. His fellow cartoonists stamped their feet and shook with laughter