Welcome to our new site

Hello and welcome to Country Life’s new website. It’s been some time in the making, and long overdue in web years (which, for anyone who might be baffled by that, are not dissimilar in length to dog years). The last time we gave the site a shake up was back in 2002. And since that time one or two bits of technology have been created and a few less of you will be of the opinion that Country Life, being a heritage magazine, has no business having a website. At least I hope that’s the case.

You will note that the flavour of the site leans much more confidently towards property than it has previously. The reason is simple. Country Life is synonymous with beautiful houses and anyone in their right mind now uses the internet as a tool for searching for properties. But no one out there had quite managed to replicate that glorious size-of-wallet-no-object feeling that one has when flicking through the magazine. We believe we’ve created the site which does precisely that. Have you had a browse yet?

Having found this, you will already know that Country Life has also embraced the web world further by introducing a section of blogs for readers to enjoy. What is a blog, you ask? Well, you can either read the entry on blogs in Wikipedia to find out or do as we do at the Countrylife.co.uk office and settle for the fact that Nobody Really Knows. It’s true ? blogs can be whatever you make of them (from diaries and emails to rantings and ramblings and acute political and social commentaries) but for the purposes of Country Life we see them as online extensions of columns and behind the scenes insights upon which we’d welcome your feedback. Punto.

Let us know what you think!


Content Editor, Countrylife.co.uk