The 2019 Country Life Christmas Quiz: Spot the dog breed, finish the Christmas carol, name that cheese and much more

This year's questions take in everything from sausage rolls to USB cable — see if you're up to the fiendish challenge.

Stuck? Want to check if you’re right? The answers will be available online from around 7am on Boxing Day. No peeking if you’re looking at this after the answers are published!

So that was 2019

1) In January, a meat-free sausage roll hit the news after being launched by which bakery chain?

2) Michael O’Leary’s horse won the Grand National for the second consecutive year – what is its name?

3) Which bank holiday was confirmed as the hottest on record in all four nations of the UK, reaching 25˚C?

4) On May 6, The Duchess of Sussex gave birth to a son – what is his full name?

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5) Where did the UK finish in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest?

6) At the time of airing in July, it was the UK’s most-watched TV broadcast of the year, with 11.7 million viewers – what was it?

7) Jo Swinson was elected as the new leader of the Liberal Democrat party, but who was her predecessor?

8) Why were thousands of residents of Derbyshire town Whaley Bridge evacuated in August?

9) Which phrase was named ‘word of the year’ by Collins English Dictionary?

10) Waitrose and John Lewis announced that this will be the last year they sell Christmas crackers containing what?

We wish you a merry Christmas

1) What was the name of the charity supergroup that recorded Do They Know It’s Christmas in 1984?

2) Robins became a festive symbol due to their colourful association with whom?

3) What was famously removed from Westminster Abbey on December 25, 1950?

4) In the film It’s a Wonderful Life, what was Clarence Odbody?

5) In which century was celebrating Christmas banned by English law?

Festive anagrams

1) Drastic charms

2) Robust spurless

3) Enjoy mad sharp

4) Ole ugly

5) Congress liar

Which dog breeds can you identify?

Christmas carols

1) According to O Come, All Ye Faithful, what was Jesus born?

2) When Good King Wenceslas looked out, what was the poor man gathering?

3) In Deck the Halls, what do we now don?

4) According to Once in Royal David’s City, what was Jesus’s shelter and what was his cradle?

5) On the 10th day of Christmas, what did my true love send to me?


1) Scientist Michael Faraday was born in which century?

2) The bakery of Thomas Farriner was alleged to be the starting point of what?

3) The Battle of Tannen-berg was fought during the first month of which war?

4) Which modern-day city was known as Duroliponte by the Romans?

5) Which ruler built the Tower of London?

Planting The Ceramic Poppies, Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red, Tower of London – Art work by Paul Cummins and Tom Piper.

Food and drink

1) ‘Taste the rainbow’ is the slogan for which item of confectionery?

2) British ale Old Speckled Hen is owned by which brewery?

3) What is a Bedfordshire clanger?

4) Which cocktail is composed of cognac, orange liqueur and lemon juice?

5) What is unusual about the Scottish lorne sausage?

Arts and culture

1) Which British Prime Minister was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature?

2) Which artist’s name is used to describe a hair colour?

3) In which famous novel do aliens invade Woking?

4) Julia Margaret Cameron was a pioneer of which art form in Victorian Britain?

5) In which decade did Elvis have his first UK number one?


1) Which bird was used by miners to detect dangerous gases?

2) Gewürztraminer is a variety of which fruit?

3) The parasitic plant Viscus album is commonly known as what?

4) As children, we are taught that rainbows are made up of which seven colours?

5) Scottish blackface is a breed of what?


1) In computing, what does USB stand for?

2) Marie Curie was born in which modern-day country?

3) By mass, what is commonly considered to be the largest internal organ in the human body?

4) What is the chemical symbol for mercury?

5) The Mohs scale is used to measure what?

And finally… Name that cheese!

Name that cheese

Name that cheese, illustrated by Adam Dant.

See the answers here, from around 7am on Boxing Day.