A drink for all seasons: Five drinks for any given mood this Friday

Not sure what tipple tips your fancy tonight? Read our guide on how to properly bring in the weekend with something new on the palate.

It’s Friday afternoon and we dearly hope that the first thing on your mind is not what you’re going to drink tonight. (We’ll forgive you if it’s what you’re going to eat.)

For some, of course, what to drink is not an issue. These people take a leaf from James Bond’s book, having a signature drink to turn to when the time comes for light inebriation, regardless of mood or context.

The rest of us, though, understand something that Ian Fleming’s didn’t seem to grasp: no tipple could possibly suit every given occasion – not even (whisper it) the crisp G&T. So, on this happy Friday, we’ve compiled an alcoholic cheat sheet to help you decide what to consume, depending on how you’re feeling as you head home after a tiring week at work.

A drink to…knock you into the Christmas spirit

When you think Christmas do you think gin? No? Just me? Luckily for those who aren’t a fan of Her Majesty’s finest juniper juice, the good folks at Johnnie Walker have combined some seasonal favourites into a fun Christmas tipple, ‘The White Christmas’. Blend the below and serve in your best mugs with grated cinnamon.

A White Christmas

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  • 200ml Johnnie Walker Black
  • 900ml Guinness
  • 1 cup whole milk
  • 1 cup condensed milk
  • 1/8 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1/8 tsp nutmeg
  • 1/2tsp pure vanilla extract

A drink to… wake you up with a bit of a kick

Has it been a long day? If you’re in the need for a bit of a pick-me-up, we can only recommend an espresso martini…with a twist.

Absolut + Kahlua Festive Espresso Martini 2

  • Pour 30ml of Absolut Original and 30ml of Kahlúa
  • Add 15ml of Grand Marnier, 5ml of sugar syrup and 25ml of espresso

A drink to… take you back in time (525 years to be exact)

First made in 1494, the Lindores Abbey Distillery have had plenty of time to perfect their unique, entirely-natural distilled spirit. I’ve heard it described as a ‘somewhere between gin and whisky’, a ‘Christmas tipple’ and equally ‘perfect for all seasons’. It’s made with spices, dried fruit and locally-grown herbs. All in all, it’s quite delightful.

Aqua Vitae

I recently bought a bottle of this for my eldest brother’s birthday, presenting it to him during a good old-fashioned Sunday pub roast. I had barely begun explaining to him the myriad of cocktails one could make with it (the Distillery recommend topping with ginger ale and an orange twist) when he popped the top, splashed some in a glass, took a sip and announced ‘you could drink that neat’.

And there you have it.

Aqua Vitae, £40, Lindores Abbey Distillery, www.lindoresabbeydistillery.com Aqua Vitae is also available at  Fortnum & Mason, Hedonism and The Whisky Shop, but bought direct it includes recipe cards and a lovely presentation box. 

A drink to… make you forget what alcohol actually tastes like

Not the biggest fan of alcohol’s bite? We recommend a Passion Star Martini (we wont mention its other name). All you’ll be able to taste is zesty fruit and sweet vanilla, and the floating passion fruit will almost make you feel like you’re being healthy.

Absolut Passion Star Martini

That being said, we do recommend serving with a shot of your favourite prosecco or champagne.

  • Pour 50ml of Absolut Vanilla and 25ml of passionfruit puree into a shaker
  • Squeeze half a passion fruit to infuse with freshness
  • Add muddled pineapple (which enables the binding of the alcohol and fruit juices)
  • shake and strain, adding the half passion fruit to the top of your glass

A drink to… make in two seconds

Not a cocktail person? We don’t entirely blame you; they can get a little fiddly, especially if you’re only making for one or two people. For a festive twist on a G&T, we recommend upgrading your gin to Alembic Craft gin Zing 72.

The gorgeous bottle (a great addition to any alcohol shelf, if you ask me) takes inspiration from the copper stills in which the gin is distilled. The gin’s delicate botanicals are from Provence and include lavender, thyme and camomile – a lovely way to ease yourself into the weekend.

Alembic Craft Gin + Cup C

  • Pour gin over a few cubes of ice to your preference, top with tonic
  • We recommend garnishing with a lime wedge or a spring of thyme

Alembic Craft Zing 72 Botanical Gin, £26.95 for 70cl from Master of Malt, www.masterofmalt.com