The Utterly Inessential Easter shopping list: Whisky and chocolates, solid-cheese ‘eggs’ and the madness of Champagne meeting lipstick

Easter will be a little different this year, but it's still a time for treats and celebration as we wave goodbye to winter and Lent.

A bottle of champagne… in a giant lipstick

A bit of fun from Piper-Heidsieck champagne: it’s a normal bottle of their fine bubbly, presented in a giant lipstick bottle case. Just because they can.

Priced at £52 from The Finest Bubble — click here to buy.

Baileys salted caramel Easter eggs

Baileys isn’t everybody’s glass of sherry but those who like it, love it… and so too will they love this egg. Well, we did, anyway.

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Priced at £8 — they’re hard to find online but should be in supermarkets.

Invisible easter eggs

No, it’s not an April Fool. Or if it is, it arrived in our inbox several days late. Deliveroo are apparently deliverying these translucent eggs (in Manchester and London) made with gelatine and either chocolate or Cointreau flavouring. ‘No-one can keep track of how many you’ve eaten!’ chuckles Deliveroo’s Willy Wonka, a man named Joe Groves.

Priced at £1.95 for chocolate, £2.15 for Cointreau — click here to buy.

An entire Easter lunch

With Easter Sunday looking a little different in 2020, Colman’s and online butcher Farmison & Co, have joined forces to deliver all of the essential ingredients required to create a delicious Easter themed Sunday lunch: lamb, spuds, veg, hot cross bun-flavour stuffing, as well as mustard and mint sauce.

Priced at £40 for enough to feed six — click here to buy.

Cheese easter eggs

If you’re doing your essential shoppingin M&S look out for this pack of six solid cheese ‘eggs’ made with Barber’s Farmhouse Cheddar and a vintage 18-month matured Red Leicester ‘yolk’ from Belton Farm. Each egg has been hand-dipped in a duck egg blue wax ‘shell’ and is roughly the size of large hen’s eggs.

Priced at £8.50 from M&S.

Talisker whisky Easter egg

Whisky and chocolate come together in this easter egg dreamt up by the Isle of Skye distillery and a confectioner called ‘Coco – The Art of Chocolate’. The shell is made from dark chocolate with sea salt, and is full of whisky-infused salted caramels.

Priced at £35 — click here to buy.