The Utterly Inessential Shopping List: Spring scarves, wonderful wine for your Easter lamb and Godiva’s £10,000 Easter egg

As we leave the snowdrops behind and welcome the bluebells, we turn away from the world of wellies and jackets and towards a softer, lighter world, filled with silk scarves, wonderful wines and £10,000 Easter eggs. You know, just the normal things.

Spring  has sprung and with it we enter a new season of Utterly Inessential products. Here are some of my top picks for this week, happy shopping!

Still a chill in the air?

Dalliance and Noble

Although we’re well and truly into spring (if you haven’t seen this year’s bluebells yet, they’re beautiful), there’s still a nip in the air, meaning many of us are resorting to carrying emergency jumpers for when the temperature turns in the evenings. I, for one, cannot abide carrying extra items – I drop them, leave them places and frequently thrust them upon the one person smart enough to bring a bag.

Delany Damask Blue Silk Headband, £40,

My point is, I need a twilly. You need a twilly. And we both especially need a twilly from Karen and James, the mother and son team behind Dalliance & Noble, a quintessentially British silk accessories brand who produce these wonderful products and many more besides. You may also need a headband.

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The Terra Firma Pink Large Twilly, £135, and the Delany Damask Blue Silk Headband, £40,

A little earlier than usual…


It’s a bank holiday, isn’t it?! For this reason and no other,  I have moved our weekly wine blast further up in the column today. After the Lambrusco incident of two weeks ago, Country Life wine columnist Harry Eyres returns to normalcy, promising ‘impressive minerality, structure and fresh acidity’ from this Regnié Château des Reyssiers 2016, a single-vineyard wine from the youngest of the crus, the perfect companion for Paschal lamb.

Regnié Château des Reyssiers 2016, discounted to  £11.75;

‘It is not that we have so little time but that we lose so much’ – Seneca, ‘De Brevitate Vitae’

Farlows Oxhorn Tip End Shoehorn_276912061_399093981

Do your fingers ever get trapped when you try to put on your shoes without undoing the laces because you’re in a rush? Then, because your fingers are trapped, you end up late anyway and you realise the sensible thing would’ve been to just undo the laces in the first place?

Well, now you don’t have to.

Oxhorn Tip End Shoehorn, £39.99, Farlows,

Holy Honeycomb

BEEHIVE Chocolate Libertine_275226712_399093872

I think we can all agree, this is as far as anyone is willing to go when it comes to chocolate. It’s gorgeous, it’s a showstopper and it’s logically far too much to spend on something both seasonal and edible. Really, this 1.1kg of amazing chocolate has to be the cacao de la cacao of the Easter egg world.

Honeycomb Beehive Showstopper milk-chocolate egg, £50, The Chocolate Libertine,

And yet…

Godiva, the luxury Belgian chocolatier, unveils £10,000 Atelier egg crafted by Cherish Finden and team.

I lied. I’m a fraud. I knew all along that Godiva had made something even more showstopping, and I knew I was going to have to share it with you today.

Godiva, the luxury Belgian chocolatier, unveils £10,000 Atelier egg crafted by Cherish Finden and team.

Over 200 hours of work and 65 kilograms of Godiva milk chocolate went into creating Cherish Finden’s second egg with Godiva. Describing the monumental task, Cherish said: “this year we wanted to go even bigger and more extravagant. The spring Atelier egg captures the artistic and premium craftsmanship of the brand, whilst celebrating the colour and energy of the season. Godiva is famed for its intricate artistry, and I think that comes across from the level of detail included in the design.”

The Atelier Easter Egg, worth £10,000, is on display at the St Pancras International Godiva boutique until Easter Sunday. To see Godiva’s delicious range, visit

If you purchased our entire list this week you would’ve spent £10,276.74 and I’ll be the first to admit it, the giant egg that you could not possibly purchase may have skewed the total a little. All in favour of adding up the list by means of median calculations to negate the influence of outliers next week, say ‘buy’.