Beautiful bird baths that will send your heart all of a flutter

Many birds, from wrens to pigeons and even gulls, will come to the bird bath, either to wash down dusty feathers or to take a quick drink. Here are some stylish examples that would encourage the preening of perfect plumage.

‘Let us show you how it works’

bird baths

Miniature bowl in cast iron with a bronzed finish. Scrollwork bracket included. 12in wide, including bracket (bowl is 8in wide). £16.99 (

Georgian refinement

bird baths

Cast stone balusterstyle bath based on a design by James Gibbs. Other stone colours available. £399 (

Ripple effect

bird bathsEchoes bath by Wildlife World in frost-resistant glazed terracotta with a quote from William Blake around the edge. 14in wide. From £19.99 (

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Tabletop choice

bird bathsSmall cast-concrete bath, 12in wide, with ripple pattern to give birds extra footing/
grip. £20, Garden Selections (

One for the gulls

bird bathsGarden water bowl in 3mm-thick steel, powder-coated in grey. 32in wide, £350 from Clifton Nurseries ( Larger sizes available

Focal point for a small garden

bird bathsSimply elegant Baluster bath in Portland cast stone. Stands 28in high, £185, Haddon-
stone (

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