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The glory of the garden

A horticultural celebration
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I know of no other book where information can be found on The Giant Gooseberry Business and The Electrification of Seeds; where you can learn the secrets of Teaching Schoolboys to Love Trees or a Cure for Ivy Poisoning. If you can resist reading pieces entitled Statues for Bullets or Allotment Sheds for the Unemployed, then you are not the sort of person I hope to find myself sitting next to at dinnerAlan Titchmarsh

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Gardening writing has long been a cornerstone of Country Life. Gertrude Jekyll, the doyenne of gardening was a driving force at the birth of the magazine in 1897, and set the standard for some of the best English gardening writing. But hers is just one of many influential voices that have been published in Country Life over the years.

The full spectrum of Country Life’s early garden coverage is presented here in accessible articles, letters and choice photos. Within the pages of The Glory of the Garden, you can trace the influence of the Arts-and-Crafts Movement, the Edwardian revolution in garden design, the Italianate obsession and the eccentric longing for an Olde English style. Every article resonates with period charm, historical detail and still-relevant instruction.

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