The best of British: UK’s top rail destinations

Considering current events, patriotism and pride in our nation has never been higher. With the whole world setting their sights on us, it seems only natural that we begin to do something similar and this means evaluating our own merits.

For the British, self recognition is seen as something of an indulgent luxury. Not usually one to blow our own trumpet, our modesty can sometimes be mistaken for ambivalence or negativity. Those visiting our shores from abroad may be surprised at our reluctance to boast or brag – yet this could all be about to change.

With millions of international tourists estimated to have journey to London for this summer, our capital has already boasted an increase in visitors. According to Chief Executive of VisitBritain, Sadie Dawe, there was a 7% increase in tourists noted between January and May – despite trends which typically see countries experience a decline in tourism during an Olympic year.

For those of us left at home, this influx of visitors could prompt us to look elsewhere for our holidays. Whilst some might assume this means travelling abroad, the truth is that Britain has far more to offer than the attractions of the English capital and there are plenty of top rail destinations which demonstrate the best of British.


Far to the north of the country, the Scottish landscape continues to draw in crowds from through the UK and beyond. Characterised by rolling hills and expansive lochs, this British country offers visitors everything from mythical monsters to striking cathedrals and iconic castles.

For those planning a trip here, the two main city destinations are Edinburgh and Glasgow. Both are famous for their beautiful architecture and varied attractions, with museums, art galleries, skate parks, shopping centres and speedway arenas all combining to offer the perfect holiday experience.

In terms of reaching these destinations, domestic flights are one option but are less popular in the current eco-conscious age. Not only are such flights held responsible for a high proportion of environmental damage but they are also time consuming, stressful and fairly expensive. Rail travel can therefore be seen as a much better option, with train tickets readily available to both destinations from various points of departure.


Comprising picturesque towns such as Harrogate, Yorkshire is another top destination for anyone who wants to celebrate being British this summer. Serene English gardens and traditional English teas are found in abundance here and those who really want to embrace their cultural identity can partake of a tea trail across the stunning Dales.


A destination sometimes overlooked by British travellers, Lincoln is a city with plenty of pleasing features. Whether it’s the Flower Festival held in the iconic cathedral every six years or the annual steam and vintage rally which draws you in, a trip here is sure to keep you occupied. For history lovers, Greyfriars boasts being the oldest Franciscan friary in England and is just one of many attractions you may like to visit during your stay.

For those interested in visiting this beautiful city, East Coast Trains operate regular services from various locations in the UK. Tickets are affordably priced and, with the added benefit of luxurious train travel at your disposal, there is no better way to reach your destination.