Tips for Making Your House More Sellable


Trying to sell your house can be a nerve-wracking experience. Even those of us lucky enough to sell a property quickly and simply would be unlikely to describe it as fun. And for some of us it can be a chore particularly when long chains are involved. The more buyers in a chain, the more likely sales are to fall through, putting you back where you started.

As house prices fluctuate and the property market as a whole continues to react to the current economic climate, people who have put their houses on the market will want to do as much as they can to try and secure a buyer. There’s a whole lot to think about when you’re selling up and moving on – like comparing home insurance quotes for the property you are interested in, ensuring you have access to transport for your moving day and the most important factor in doing a successful deal: making your house an attractive option for people who are looking to buy. Here are a few tips to help you work towards making your house more sellable.

Curb appeal

First impressions count. Make sure that the front of your house is attractive. Deal with any obvious cosmetic problems like loose guttering and missing roof tiles; potential buyers will see these as indicators of the state of the house generally, and you don’t want to give them any reason to worry about the structural integrity of the property. Despite the fact that surveyors’ reports will flag up any major structural problems, buyers will still judge your property on factors like this.
Also make sure that your garden isn’t overgrown or full of junk, and take a little time to give your front door a lick of paint if it needs it. You want people to be impressed, not depressed, when they see their potential new home.

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Make sure all alterations are legal

Investing money in structural alterations can be a sensible way of increasing the resale of your home. Adding a conservatory or an extension can make your time in the property more comfortable and also increase the resale value. But if you haven’t secured relevant planning permission, or if your alterations are badly done or dangerous, you’re not going to impress buyers. Do the job right or not at all, or risk facing the cost of undoing your alterations in order to prevent frightening off potential buyers.

Neighbourly relations

According to research from a major UK bank, noisy and unpleasant neighbours are the biggest turn-off for people who are considering purchasing a property. While you have no control over the actions of the people who live next door to you, it can be worth keeping up a cordial relationship with them to stop things escalating in a way which might make your life in your property uncomfortable, and damage your chances of selling. Interested parties will ask about your neighbours, and it’s always best to be honest. The only way of being able to confidently tell a would-be buyer that the people next-door are no trouble at all is to have a reasonable relationship with them yourself.

De-clutter, and control your pets!

People who are looking to buy a property will usually have a number of alternative potential homes to look at, which means that you can’t afford not to impress. Remove unnecessary clutter so people viewing your property can get an accurate sense of the dimensions of rooms – and their potential for redecoration. Also, remember that it isn’t pleasant to have to fight your way through someone’s personal possessions in order to get a good look at a room – nor is it pleasant to be bounced all over by a boisterous dog.

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