The Utterly Inessential Father’s Day Shopping List: Swim shorts made from plastic fished out of the ocean, old fashioned tumblers and the monogrammed socks you never knew he needed

There are many ways to show your Dad that you love and appreciate him. There's breakfast in bed, an offer to mow the lawn, a big hug and the offer of the last biscuit. On the other hand, there's a bunch of things that he probably doesn't want, definitely doesn't need, but we're sure he'll appreciate nonetheless. Happy Father's Day!

This week we’re taking a break from summing up your seasonal favourites to praise a very, very important group of people: the mothers who will buy these presents, wrap them and hand them to the fathers of this country ‘from the kids’.

But seriously, Dads (and parents in general) deserve a lot more than one day a year dedicated to their many good deeds. So next Thursday, take a look around at the Dad’s around you next Sunday and offer them your warmth, love and a pair of monogrammed socks. Trust us.

Old-fashioned glassware

crystal old fashioned glass

The Wolseley collection is truly the gift that keeps on giving, much like this set of six crystal old fashioned glasses, which keep giving in the way that you can certainly use them on more than one occasion (and probably for other tumbler cocktails, but why would you want to?). Beautifully designed and reassuringly sturdy, these are sure to remain as the ‘nice glasses’ for at least a year before being relegated to the water glass shelf.

Set of six crystal old fashioned glasses, £185 from

They’re made from WHAT?


For the hip, trendy and environmentally friendly dad you really can’t go wrong with NAECO’s newest offering; the ‘beach to bar’ short, made from 15 recycled plastic bottles which have been removed from the ocean to protect marine life. Handmade in the UK and perfectly tailored to be comfortable all day long (because let’s face it, who wants to change between the beach and dinner table when they don’t have to?), it may be time to chuck the speedos and embrace a new suave and sustainable swimwear.

Naeco luxury tailored swim shorts in navy, £185 from

Think of all the tools that WILL fit in the tin!

Fathers Day Barrel of Treats High Res

Paxton & Whitfield never fail to delight when it comes to a good-old cheese hamper. This year the Father’s Day bundle comes in a useful barrel and features two delicious Dorset cheddars, a box of tasty crackers and a Paxton’s own Rich Orchard Chutney. Say I appreciate you the right way: with cheese.

Father’s Day Cheese Barrel, £20 from

For the one who needs nothing more

Waddington Sock - 5750 Port LGS - £50

In some families (definitely not my own) the question of sock ownership can cause some, eh hem, disagreements. Far from the unfashionable old-school two-inch-long labels our mothers used to sew into our sports socks, these posh little letters will prevent any such disagreements from occurring in the future, as well as keeping your dad looking smart. Just make sure he doesn’t wear them with shorts.

Pantherella monogram socks, from £50 at

Why should mothers have all the fun?

Bluecoat American Dry Gin

After Ryan Reynolds and his Aviation gin brought American dry gin to the fore, it was only a matter of time before other brands would come to our attention. One such is Bluecoat, a manly gin, made in a manly hand-hammered copper pot and heavy on the citrus flavours (which aren’t necessarily manly, but are definitely pleasantly strong).

The bottle is beautiful enough to make a present in of itself, glowing a striking blue with bright gold leafing. American gins can be a little too floral for British taste but Bluecoat is well-balanced, with a little heat and spice to keep things interesting in the drinks cupboard this summer.

Bluecoat American Dry Gin, £35 from Majestic Wine

And finally…the classic.

Vanilla Reindeer Chocolate

Because who can go wrong with chocolates?

Personalised box of nine chocolates from Vanilla Reindeer, £11.99 from

If you purchased our entire shopping list this week you would have spent £423.99 and must be living in in a real-life Mamma Mia! situation. Next week: Everything to need to impress at Ascot.