Top 10 umbrellas: Best British umbrellas for a rainy day

Take your pick from our round up of the top 10 umbrellas on the market in Britain and survive the next shower in style.

We’d love to open this round-up by talking about how the weather is getting worse, and how you’re really going to need a decent brolly.

But ‘getting worse’ is hardly the right description following a British summer that was at its changeable, unpredictable ‘best’ in 2017.

Indeed, we spent a week of the summer in Devon in August and experienced weather so changeable you’d think that the Weather Gods were spinning a roulette wheel every few minutes to decide which random combination of precipitation and blazing sunshine they would settle on for the next short spell.

It’s always thus. British weather insists a key item in any wardrobe is the trusty umbrella; from dog walkers to City suits, the humble brolly plays a daily part in the lives of millions.

And while in some countries – most notably Japan – people tend to buy, use and dispose of umbrellas on a regular basis, we like to have some long-lasting quality in our brollies.

So with that in mind here’s our pick of the top 10 umbrellas, guaranteed to keep you dry and stylish – and with options to suit every budget.

Top 10 umbrellas

Lulu Guinness
best British umbrellas

Bloomsbury-2 diagonal-stripe umbrella, £40 from Fulton.

020–8963 3010;

Felix and Isabelle

best British umbrellasLiberty-print umbrella, £48 from Liberty

020–7734 1234;

Swaine Adeney Brigg

best British umbrellasGentleman’s whangee-handle umbrella in yellow (other colours, silk, gold-plated collar and engraving options available), from £460, Swaine Adeney Brigg


best British umbrellasGT1 black umbrella with polished-hardwood handle (various colours and wood grains available), £109.99 from Fox Umbrellas


best British umbrellasCyclone super-size golf umbrella in black and green, £42 from Fulton

020–8963 3010;

Mr Porter

Lord chestnut wood-handle striped twill umbrella, £225 from Francesco Maglia at Mr Porter

0800 044 5705;

Jamie Milestone

best British umbrellasLondon vintage-map umbrella, £150 from Jamie Milestone at London Undercover

020 7482 4321;

best British umbrellasLadies classic parrot-head umbrella in red (other colours available), £95, James Smith & Sons
(020–7836 4731;

best British umbrellas

Men’s wooden shaft umbrella in cherry wood (bespoke options available), from £395, Pickett
(; 020 7493 8939)

Charles Tyrwhitt

best British umbrellas

Union Jack umbrella, £34.95 from Charles Tyrwhitt; 0344 482 4000