Best umbrellas: Top 10 brollies for rainy days in Britain

Survive the next shower in style with one of our pick of the best umbrellas in Britain.

We’d love to open this best umbrellas round-up by talking about how the weather is getting worse, and how you’re really going to need a decent brolly.

But ‘getting worse’ is hardly the right description following simply appalling recent rain — and more is forecast.

It’s always thus. British weather insists a key item in any wardrobe is the trusty umbrella;  from dog walkers to City suits, the humble brolly plays a daily part in the lives of millions.

And while in some countries – most notably Japan – people tend to buy, use and dispose of umbrellas on a regular basis, we like to have some long-lasting quality in our brollies.

So with that in mind here’s our pick of the best umbrellas, guaranteed to keep you dry and stylish – and with options to suit every budget. And once your brolly is sorted out, take a look at our pick of the best wellies and best Barbour jackets to help protect you still further from the elements.

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Lulu Guinness Birdcage Umbrella

Lulu Guinness’s selection of brollies have long been favourites at Country Life; this one is inspired from the designer’s birdcage handbag design.
£34 from Lulu Guinness

Poppy and Daisy Print Compact Umbrella

A Liberty-print umbrella never goes out of style.
£50 from Liberty


best British umbrellasThis gentleman’s whangee-handle umbrella comes in yellow, as well as in literally a dozen other colours — there are options for gold and silver finishing, engraving, and  you can even order it in black silk if you have an extra £345 to hand.

That’s right: tick every box and you can spend almost a thousand pounds (£935 to be precise) on an umbrella. But what an umbrella!
£560 from Swaine Adeney Brigg

Fox GT1

best British umbrellasNo umbrella is more of a classic than the Fox GT1 in black, with polished-hardwood handle. That said, there are now dozens of colours — as well as tartans and other patterns — plus four different handle options.
£123 from Fox Umbrellas

Fulton Cyclone Stick Umbrella

best British umbrellasThe super-sized Cyclone golf umbrella in black and green is apparently wind-tunnel tested up to 78mph. If you’re out and about in wind like that then we’d suggest you might have bigger problems than which umbrella to choose.
£27.60 from Amazon

Lord Chestnut Wood-Handle Striped Twill Umbrella

Francesco Maglia’s umbrellas are hand-crafted objects of true beauty.
£295 from Francesco Maglia at Mr Porter

London vintage-map umbrella

best British umbrellasLondon Undercover’s vintage map umbrella doesn’t just keep you dry, it’ll even help you find your way around town should you drop your phone in a puddle.
£85 from

Pencil Umbrella with Parrot Handle

best British umbrellasA little touch of Mary Poppins is in his umbrella with parrot handle — though unlike Mary’s one, this one won’t talk to you. And if it does, perhaps a trip to the doctor might be called for…
£95 from James Smith & Sons

Men’s Wooden Shaft Cherry Wood Handle Umbrella

best British umbrellas

Hand-made in England, this classic brolly has a handle and shaft made from a single piece of wood; it comes in black as standard, but Pickett will make it in any colour you like for an extra 30%.
£365 from Pickett

Union Jack Classic Umbrella

best British umbrellas

Charles Tyrwhitt’s classic umbrella, and avoids being too touristy (or Brexity?) thanks to the pattern being on the underside.
£29.95 from Charles Tyrwhitt