The Country Life nature picture quiz for Easter: Can you name the animals and their babies?

How is your countryside knowledge? Our nature picture quiz will test you out.

It is officially springtime and our array of wonderful British wildlife is at large, many trailing newly minted young in their wake.

There are 23 different creatures in the picture above: can you spot them all and name their offspring (for example, sheep and lamb)?

Want to see a bigger version of the image? Click here.

Scroll down for the answers once you’ve got as far as you can.

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And remember, no cheating….

The answers

We know that there are myriad regional names for some creatures, so, if you give a correct answer that isn’t listed, take a point.

  • bat and pup
  • deer and fawn
  • donkey and foal
  • dove and squab
  • eagle and eaglet
  • eel and glass eel or elver
  • fox and cub
  • frog and tadpole
  • goat and kid
  • goose and gosling
  • grasshopper and nymph
  • hare and leveret
  • hedgehog and hoglet
  • horse and foal
  • mole and pup
  • mouse and pup or pinky
  • peacock and peachick
  • rabbit and kitten
  • spider and spiderling
  • swan and cygnet
  • turkey and poult
  • weasel and kit
  • wild boar and piglet, boarlet or humbug