Trees For Tomorrow: Join Country Life as we plant thousands of trees

To celebrate the 125th anniversary of Country Life’s launch in 1897, we have joined forces with Charles Stanley Wealth Managers and Forestry England to create the Trees For Tomorrow initiative.

Together we aim to plant at least 1897 trees to mark this milestone in our history.

In addition to the 1,000 trees funded by Charles Stanley, with every £5 pledged by a Country Life reader we will be able to plant yet another tree that will support our planet’s delicate ecosystem. The Country Life wood will include native and non-native trees, all grown from seed in the UK, in Forestry England’s purpose-built nursery. Thanks to their pioneering research, we now know that a mixture of species is fundamental to any wood’s survival.

Please visit the Trees For Tomorrow campaign page, administered by the National Funding Scheme, to find out more and to make a donation. 


With its roots digging as deep as the late 18th-century, Charles Stanley has spent almost a quarter of a millennium helping its clients plan for the future. Charles Stanley has generously committed to funding the first 1,000 trees and we are hoping that our readers will mark this landmark in our history by pledging £5 to donate each of the remaining 897 trees. With this project, Charles Stanley is making a commitment to an initiative that highlights the huge importance that trees have played in the past, play in the present and will play for future generations.  

Readers of Country Life will need no reminding of the environmental benefits of trees and the key role that they play in our lives and that of the planet. Recent research revealed that 90% are concerned about the environment, a majority have created wildlife-friendly areas of their gardens and also believe that environmental issues should be taught in schools.

For millenia, the English oak (Quercus robur and Quercus petrea to give them their latin names) have supported more life than any other tree (even its fallen leaves support biodiversity. Its longevity, ubiquity and its vital role in house and ship building have given it a starring role in British history.  

‘For almost 125 years Country Life has not only been a champion of the countryside but has also relied on trees for the paper on which our words and pictures are printed. We are delighted and hugely grateful that Charles Stanley has pitched in to bring this project to life,’ says Mark Hedges, Country Life’s Editor-in-Chief.

‘As well as an opportunity to make a real investment in the future, we also hope that this is an initiative that will promote this cause in the minds of the wider public. Planting trees for the future is something in which we can all play a part.’

Paul Abberley, CEO of Charles Stanley echoes the importance of Trees For Tomorrow, ‘We all have a role to play to help conserve the environment and we know investors are increasingly interested in making an impact through Responsible Investing.  We are delighted to support the Trees For Tomorrow campaign as it ties in with our own work to encourage our clients to go paperless by planting trees and is an initiative we believe can make a real difference for future generations.’


Emma Foden-Pattinson, Investment Manager at Charles Stanley explains Charles Stanley’s approach to Responsible Investing. ‘We take an individually-tailored approach to Responsible Investing.  Our core approach includes integrating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors in our investment analysis, advice, and decisions.  Taking into account not just what a company does, but also how it goes about its business.  This is based on a belief that these non-financial factors can have a material impact on long-term investment returns. Our bespoke service to clients allows us to ensure that each portfolio is aligned with their unique moral values.’

For further information about Charles Stanley’s focus on the future, please click here or call 020 3553 7281.

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