Biggest ever UK bullock

The Field Marshal, a six-year-old Charolais, is set to become the biggest ever bullock in the UK. At 6ft 3in, and weighing 3,000lb, he is still growing, expected to put on another 650lb next year.

Arthur Duckett (above, with The Field Marshal), 78, is the 5ft 8in farmer who owns The Field Marshal. Mr Duckett was also the owner of the current British record holder, The Colonel, who reached 6ft 5in, and a weight of 3,500lb. Sadly, The Colonel died in 2005.

The Field Marshal will not be fully grown until he is eight, and is kept as a pet by Mr Duckett. The bullock eats 16lb of oats, barley, maize, sugar beet pulp and beef nuts a day.

The Field Marshal is worth at least £1,000 to butchers, but, says Mr Duckett, ‘He likes me and I like him and I wouldn’t want to break up that relationship by selling him.’

Mr Duckett also said: ‘Some people like fast women and fast cars ? I like large bullocks.’

The Field Marshal is ‘very good-tempered’, although ‘When he gets angry he can do some real damage.’

The Field Marshal lives on Mr Duckett’s farm in Alstone, Somerset, with a 5ft 6in Highland steer and a small Friesian.

At 6ft 3in, and weighing 3,000lb, six-year-old Field Marshal is set to become the biggest ever bullock in the UK if he does put on, as expected, another 650lb next year.

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