Charles II coronation invitation up for auction

A letter written by Charles II‘s advisor setting the date of the king’s coronation and the restoration of the British monarchy is up for auction after 400 years.

The parchment, dating from 1661, is headed with ‘Charles R’ and marked with Charles II’s seal. It confirms a royal procession through London, where Charles was welcomed back after his exile while Oliver Cromwell was in power.

Charles II coronation

The missive is an invitation to ‘Right, truly and wellbeloved Lord Sandys’, and is signed by Sir Edward Nicholas, a Royalist and trusted advisor of Charles I who as appointed Secretary of State by Charles II in 1654.

It invites Lord Sandys to ‘make your personal attendance’, where he would be ‘furnished and appointed as to your rank and quality’.

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Sir Nicholas adds that April 23 has been appointed for ‘the solemnity of our Royall Coronation. And the day before being the 22 of the same month for our parading from […] London through the same city unto our Palace of Westminster‘.

Charles II coronation procession

Deborah Doyle, from Duke’s auctioneers, which is selling the letter, said: ‘It’s a truly remarkable letter that provides a fascinating insight into the period.

‘I’m sure it will be of great interest to anyone keen on Civil War history. The writing is difficult to read in parts, so hopefully whoever buys it will enjoy deciphering it in its entirety.

‘It’s not clear where the letter has been over the past 400 years, but it’s now being sold by a private collector. It has a conservative estimate of £150-£300, but we’re expecting a good deal of interest.’

english civil war

The letter will be auctioned at Duke’s, in Dorchester, Dorset, on April 15.

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