Four UK landmarks on WMF Watch List 2014

Four UK buildings have been recognised on the 2014 World Monuments Fund Watch List.

This year’s round up of endangered landmarks features Sulgrave Manor in Northamptonshire, Grimsby Ice Factory as well as Battersea Power Station and Deptford Dockyard in London, it was announced today.

They join 63 other sites from 41 countries at risk from forces of nature, as well as social, political and economic change.

Additional sites flagged up include the whole city of Venice, the Ancient Irrigated Terraces of Battir outside Bethlehem and thousands of traditional gas lamps in Berlin.

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‘Every two years, the World Monuments Watch reminds us the world around us changes faster than ever before,’ says chief executive of World Monuments Fund Britain Dr Jonathan Foyle.

‘Change is inevitable, but it needs to be carefully managed so that we carry the best of the past into the future, and minimise the destruction of our record as a species. So we invite everyone to join us in supporting the champions of special places that need a helping hand to stay useful and beautiful.’

Battersea Power Station has been on World Monuments Fund’s radar since 2004 because of its poor condition and historic importance.

This year the Grade II* listed building has been joined by two more neglected buildings – Deptford Dockyard, founded in 1513 by Henry VIII, and Grimsby Ice Factory -the largest-known surviving ice factory.

Sulgrave Manor, built by George Washington in c.1540, has also made the list. The WMF say it is representative of the struggles faced by small trusts who can’t afford to look after properties.

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