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Homeowners ‘unhappy’ with HIPs

A new survey has found that 78% of homeowners think that Home Information Packs (HIPs) are not good value for money, while 62% thought that the information contained within a HIP would have no impact on how quickly a house would sell.

The panel of homeowners was compiled by L&C, a UK mortgage lender who said that the feedback made clear homeowners are ‘less than impressed’ by the new packs, which were brought into force on August 1 for four-bedroom properties, and continue to be rolled out for smaller houses throughout the rest of the year.

Meanwhile, Grant Shapps, shadow housing minister told the Conservative party conference on Monday: ‘They [the government] didn’t listen when we said Hips are clumsy, ineffective and useless. And they had to bypass parliamentary scrutiny to force them through,’ said Mr Shapps.

‘The experts ridiculed them, the industry doesn’t want them; the market doesn’t need them; and I can announce to you today the next Conservative government will scrap them.’