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Monaco tops the chart of the most expensive urban real estate in the world, according to Global Property Guide.

10 Most expensive property markets  (based on 120 sq. m. flats in city centres )
Country      City/ Region     Ave. price (US$/ sq. m.)
1 Monaco     Monte Carlo 47,578
2 Russia     Moscow 20,853
3 UK         London 20,756
4 Japan     Tokyo 17,998
5 Hong     Kong Hong Kong 16,125
6 USA     New York 14,898
7 France     Paris 12,122
8 Singapore     Singapore 9,701
9 Italy     Rome 9,166
10 India     Mumbai 9,163
The least expensive markets are in Cairo, Egypt where a city centre apartment costs $574 sq.m. Bangalore, Concepción (Chile) and Quito (Ecuador) follow.

The full list can be viewed on Global Property Guide.

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