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Most expensive streets in Britain

Over 2,000 streets in England and Wales have homes costing an average of £1 million or more.

The figures reflect the wealth created by the property boom over the last 10 years. In 2000, only 322 streets could claim houses worth seven-figure sums.

The estimate of 2,183 streets could be on the conservative side claims, the property information firm behind the research, because it leaves out streets where very few properties have been sold.

The study shows millionaire rows can be discovered anywhere from the Cornish coast to Greater Manchester and London’s well-heeled borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

In the north west near Manchester – where a number of football superstars live – the average price of the 10 most exclusive streets was £1.8 million.

The most select address in the north east was Gubeon Wood, a cul-de-sac of only nine houses in the Northumbrian countryside. An average home there costs £1.4 million, a £300,000 rise on last year’s prices.

The most costly street in England and Wales is Courtenay Avenue in Highgate, north London with Hampstead Heath at one end and Highgate Golf Course at the other. Houses here fetch an average of £6.8 million.

Property experts believe millionaire buyers are less vulnerable to cost of living and interest rate rises and fears of a slowdown have not stopped demand in London. Upper-scale apartments at One Hyde Park in Knightsbridge, only a short walk from Harrods, are being sold for an average price of £20 million, as reported recently on this website. (article continues below)

Most expensive streets in the north

1 Broadway Hale, Greater Manchester £2.1 million

2 Whitebarn Road, Alderley Edge, Cheshire £2 million

3 Hill Top, Hale, Greater Manchester £1.9 million

4 Kings Drive, Caldy, Merseyside £1.8 million

5 Rappax Road, Hale, Greater Manchester £1.8 million

Most expensive streets in the south (excluding London)

1 South Ridge, Weybridge £4.4 million

2 Waverley Drive, Virginia Water £4.4 million

3 Portnall Rise, Virginia Water £4.1 million

4 Ravenscroft Road, Weybridge £3.7 million

5 North Drive, Virginia Water £3.7 million

Most expensive streets in London

1 Courtenay Avenue, Hampstead £6.8 million

2 Chelsea Square, Chelsea £6.4 million

3 Manresa Road, Chelsea £6.2 million

4 Ilchester Place, Kensington £5.8 million

5 Gilston Road, Chelsea £5.6 million

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