Nottingham: UK’s most burgled city

Nottingham has been named the UK’s most burgled city. The survey, conducted by Endsleigh insurance company, names Guildford as the UK’s safest city.

UK’s safest cities:

1. Guidlford

2. Dundee

3. Norwich

4. Swindon

5. Bath

6. Aberdeen

7. Preston

8. Exeter

=9. Belfast

=9. Chester

UK’s riskiest cities:

1. Nottingham

2. London

3. Bristol

4. Stockport

5. Leeds

6. Manchester

7. Hull

8. Cambridge

9. Sheffield

10. Reading

The survey, which named Nottingham as the UK’s most burgled city, analysed insurance claims from the past four years – although student policy holders were not included in the analysis.

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