Prince Harry: victim of ‘dirty tricks’

Prince Harry is a victim of a ?dirty tricks? campaign, with his alleged shooting of hen harriers nothing more than an anti-hunting campaign, claim his friends.

Prince Harry did not kill the hen harriers, say his friends. Indeed, they say no hen harriers were even shot at and, despite the swift arrival of police, no bird carcasses were found.

Prince Harry was not charged over the alleged shooting at Sandringham, and friends say that the ?witnesses? to the incident were mistaken at best.

Three witnesses came forward saying they had seen the shooting. All three remain unidentified, but only one, a Natural England warden, has given a statement to the police.

The National Gamekeepers Organisation said in a statement that it is an ?absolute disgrace? that the good name of its 10,000 members has been smeared by the Sandringham incident.

However, Natural England chairman Sir Martin Doughty said he was disappointed by the ruling. ?Natural England will redouble its efforts to build a future for this rare and beautiful bird of prey,? he said.

Sandringham staff are now carrying out an investigation into the alleged shooting of the hen harriers and ?dirty tricks? campaign, assisted by the original ?suspects?; Prince Harry, his friend William van Cutsem, 28, and David Clarke, a gamekeeper.

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