Storms: 10,000 without power

Storms and high winds have hit the UK, leaving 10,000 homes without power.

41 flood warnings are currently in place in England and Wales, particularly on the western and southern coasts of England; a wnd speed of 82mph was recorded at Berry Head in Brixham, south Devon.

Roads, rail and air travel has been disrupted, but, according to the Environment Agency, ‘The situation has now improved.’

The Bristol Channel, Severn Estuary and Somerset coast are still at risk from flooding, and defences are currently being reinforced on coastline in Sussex and Kent.

Current travel conditions:

Dover port was closed, but has now re-opened

The Sheppey Crossing has been closed

The M48 Severn Bridge between England and Wales was closed both ways because of high

winds, but has now reopened

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