‘The era of cheap food is ending’

The National Farmers? Union and the National Pig Association have launched a campaign for sustainable prices for the pig and poultry sectors.

The pig sector is currently losing £3.9 million a week. Approximately half the farmers? costs are from the feed and, with the current price of pork at £1.09 per kilo, the average farmer will lose £26 per pig. Poultry feed prices are also rising, from £180 to £230 per tonne in the autumn.

The campaign calls for an increase of 7-17 pence on the price of a pack of pork, and an increase of 12-15 pence per kg for poultry.

Peter Kendall, President of the NFU, said: ?Last month, as part of the supermarket price war, Asda promoted and sold its £2 chicken. This is clearly unsustainable and sends completely the wrong message.

?However, things are changing, with Tesco this week announcing its plans to sell the same size bird for £3.39 ? a rise of four per cent. While this increase is good news we need to see it reflected throughout the supply chain and passed back to the farm-gate ? The era of cheap food is coming, and must come, to an end.?

NPA chairman Stewart Houston added: ?Wheat prices have rocketed world-wide and, as a result, many pig farmers? businesses ? are under threat. A modest rise of 7p to 17p per pack of pork or pork products is all it would take to move the industry back from breaking-point, but we need action in days not weeks.?