Country Life readers dogs’ picture gallery

We asked you to send us pictures of your dogs. You sent them in your hundreds – and we've loved every single moment of picking out our favourites.

Saturday 26 August was International Dog Day, and to mark the occasion we asked you to send in pics of your canine pals for potential inclusion in our gallery.

Well, the response was enormous, with hundreds of pictures coming in from across the world. The difficulty of picking out our favourite 20 proved impossible – so we upped it to 30.

Many, many thank you for sending in your images – if your dog didn’t make the cut, please don’t worry as we have plans to give you more opportunities to share your lovely animals with the world.

Without further ado – and in no particular order – here are the dogs that made the final shortlist!

Romeo, an 11-year-old rescue dog owned by Paula Utting. “He’s the most cutest thing ever,” she says. Yes, Paula. Yes he is.

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Super Sadie, owned by Laurie Cairns

Sadly, not all of you told us your dog’s names – so we’ll never know who it is under the hat. He or she belongs to Susan Greaves.

Julie Morris’s dog is a picture of health

Luci Lane’s curious black lab puppy

Gussi, the Spanish stray dog now owned by Danish writer Mia Folkmann

Jessica Hannah broke the rules by picturing her cat as well. We let her off.

Glen of Imaal terriers Dodger (blue brindle) and Gypsy (wheaten) enjoying the craic at the Sycamore Gap on Hadrians Wall in Northumberland. Owned by Annaliza Jennings.

Woodie, Teddy and Bumble on the quad helping fencing in the field. Owned by Maria Gaskell

Alice, owned by Darrell Jones

Leo the French Bulldog, owned by Cecilia Stamp, has his own Instagram page! @leo_redbone

Fudge climbing sharp edge blencathra lakes district, owned by Andrew Geere

Jess, owned by Laurence Becker

Cockapoos Buster (4 yrs) & Willow (5 months), owned by Donna Peters

Goose (another social media sensation, via @dogwithbeer on instagram), owned by Freddie Quiney

Huskamute going to sleep, owned by Andre Da

Toby the Lhasa Apso, owned by Gary Turner

Meghann Mcfarlane’s dog enjoying a walk in the woods

Gordon (a red Norfolk terrier) at the annual Norfolk and Norwich terrier fun day today at Baginton village hall, Warwickshire. Owned by Henry Long

Betsy, the 2-yr-old chonzer (Bichon frise/Schnauzer cross) owned by Ruth Sheeran

Mickey and El Toro, owned by Tatjana J.

Anubhav Gulati didn’t give us the name of his dog. We fell in love with it anyway.

This is Marvin the Mastiff aka the BFG. He’s been at the Animal Centre Southport (part of the RSPCA) for nearly 12 months now and is still looking for his forever home. ‘He’s so gentle and lovely’ says Faye Westhead, who sent in the picture

Megan, owned by G. Davison

Stanley and Mabel, owned by Ian Haswell

Jane Gallimore’s little pal playing in the bluebells

Lily the Westie dressed up as the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, owned by Hannah Lowe

Big Bear, owned by Olivia Elliot

Rescue dogs Billy and Poppy, owned by Teresa Eagles