International Dog Day: Send us pictures of your four-legged friend

Share your favourite picture and your dog could end up famous.

Ever since we featured Alix, the borzoi belonging to the Princess of Wales, in our January 8 1897 issue, dogs have been an intrinsic part of Country Life.

And let’s face it, none of us can resist a handsome hound, whether it be a cheeky Jack Russell or a loving labrador and all the cross-breeds, mutts and mongrels in between.

This Saturday August 26 is International Dog Day, and in honour of all the Country Life dogs out there going about their daily rural business, we’re putting together a doggie gallery which we’ll publish next week.

Email us at or share your pictures with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter – we’ll share you snap of your favourite four-legged friend our pawsome round up.

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