Top 15 naughtiest dogs in Britain

We reveal the winner and runners up of our competition: Britain’s Naughtiest Dog in association with Lily’s Kitchen.

Britain’s Naughtiest Dog: The runners up

Britain's naughtiest dog

First runner up: Woody

First runner-up: Woody
Labrador from Twickenham, Middlesex
Woody, or ASBO as his friends and family affectionately know him, has a stomach of steel and a knack for disaster. Aside from daily raids on the laundry basket and recycling bins and a taste for expensive dressage bridles, Woody caused a stir when he trotted up to an elegant Italian woman sitting on a park bench enjoying her peaceful afternoon and, quite inexplicably, peed on her.

Not especially fond of sleeping, Woody once embarked on a solo nighttime adventure during a camping trip, returning triumphantly to show off to his owners the decomposing salmon he had discovered on his travels. Disappointed that his owners were more intent on getting back to sleep than inspecting his piscatorial trophy, Woody dislodged the ropes and brought the tent crashing down on them all.


Britain's naughtiest dog

Second runner up: Jolly

Second runner-up: Jolly
Dalmatian from London
For those dogs with a nose for adventure, cities are just big playgrounds and for Jolly, London will just about do. An experienced Underground traveller, Jolly once did a poo on the Piccadilly Line and she likes to puncture footballs in the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea. A pricey stuffed shark fell foul of Jolly’s jaws in an antiques shop, but her pièce de résistance must be the time when she bounded up to a bride being photographed in Hyde Park, leaving a trail of paw prints on her hitherto pristine white dress.

britain's naughtiest dog

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