Country Life Christmas Quiz answers

1. Hidcote Manor, which features a series of outdoor ‘rooms’

2. Gertrude Jekyll

3. Apple

4. Great Dixter in Sussex (

5. George Stubbs. In the 1740s, he worked as a portrait painter in the north of England, and also studied human anatomy at York County Hospital. In the 1750s, he rented a farmhouse in Lincolnshire and spent 18 months dissecting horses, publishing his Anatomy in 1766. The original drawings are now in the collection of the Royal Academy

6. Rowan Williams

7. A parliament of owls

8. December 10 (November 30 in Northern Ireland)

9. The sparrow: ‘Who killed Cock Robin?’ ‘I,’ said the Sparrow,/’With my bow and arrow, I killed Cock Robin.’

10. Ash, because although it is tough and very strong, it is also elastic, and so is also used for making bows, tool handles and baseball bats

11. Authorized, ridden by Frankie Dettori

12. The blackthorn bush

13. Four. The horse is measured from the ground to the top of the withers, and the measurement is used to separate horses from ponies. Ponies are 14.2hh or smaller, and a horse is anything taller than 14.2hh

14. Sheep

15. Dumfries House, which was saved after Prince Charles led a £45 million bid

16. Bluetongue disease

17. Hilary Benn, MP for Leeds Central and Secretary of State for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs

18. St James’s; Hyde Park; Greenwich; Richmond; Green Park; Kensington Gardens; Bushy Park; Regent’s Park

19. Notes From a Small Island author Bill Bryson

20. The Great Fen Project, which will create a 3,700-hectare wetland between Huntingdon and Peterborough (

21. £8—although residents living within the congestion zone receive a 90% discount on one vehicle

22. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

23. Friend

24. Scafell Pike in the Lake District, which is 3,210ft high

25. An enclosed garden, especially a secret garden within a garden

26. The grub of a daddy-long-legs

27. The common name for wild garlic

28. A ha-ha

29. A storm cock

30. Eric Clapton

31. It has 12

32. A 13-ton bell, not the clock itself or the tower

33. The average property price in Kensington and Chelsea for October 2007 is £990,014, according to; a semi-detached is selling for an average £1.5 million, and a flat for £838,771

34. The Welsh, who spoke to their neighbours most frequently

35. Wire-hair fox terrier; Snowy’s ears are square and stick up, whereas the terrier’s should be small, V-shaped, with the flaps slightly folded over and dropping towards the cheeks

36. Queueing

39. The Irish Guards

40. Savoy Court, London

42. Cornish sardines

43. Beefeater

44. c) Bat

45. c) Washing clothes

46. An Inconvenient Truth, the documentary featuring Al Gore

47. Corvids

49. Willow, whose leaves and bark were first observed to be a remedy for fever in ancient Assyrian, Sumerian and Egyptian texts

50. Doris Lessing, Iranian-born author of In Pursuit of the English and The Golden Notebook