How to create the perfect Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is fast approaching and, for some people, that is synonymous with one thing: chocolate. An Easter egg hunt is a real family event, so here are some ideas on how to make your hunt an exciting event, whatever your age.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket
Use the biggest possible space available to you when planning your Easter egg hunt. The backs of cupboards and beneath the bed make great hiding places in the house, but gardens provide most of the best hiding places, while spring flowers provide the perfect camouflage for brightly coloured Easter eggs.

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Mix up your eggs
Keep everyone happy by hiding a variety of Easter eggs. Bags of assorted chocolate eggs are available in most supermarkets. You don’t have to stick to chocolate either. Make with tradition by hiding painted hard-boiled eggs, or buy hollow eggs online and fill them with sweets.

Provide clues
Let the hunters know if they are searching in the right places, or whether they are way off course. Handy hints and or a map of the area make the game more fun and can direct the participants to some of the more obscure hiding places, which they may have overlooked.

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Share the prizes
At the end of the hunt, count how many eggs everyone has collected. However, after the winner has been announced, share out the eggs fairly between all the participants to avoid any one hunter overindulging.

For an Easter egg hunt on a national scale, find out how you can get involved with the Cadbury’s Easter Egg Trail, in association with the National Trust: