How to make a fascinator for Ascot

With ladies’ day fast approaching it’s all eyes on the hats. Try our simple guide to making your own fascinator to match your outfit!

It’s quite simple to make a fascinator to coordinate with your dress. You just need a mix of the following:

Hair comb (match to either your hair colour, or the colours in the fascinator)
Needle and thread
Clear drying craft glue

* Ribbon
* Netting
* Lace
* Silk flowers
* Feathers
* Brooch
* Earrings
* Beads
* Gems
* Pendants
* Sequins

Start by wrapping some ribbon around the head of the comb, through the teeth to create a base. Then add your other pieces by stitching or gluing them in place as securely as possible. Keep checking the placement on your head to get the angles right.

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