The best driving accessories

A Mont Blanc pencil – Note it down in pencil-ink and leather seats don’t mix, £205 (020-7730 7681; Mont Blanc Pencil

Michelin guides – To navigate to lunch (01923 205240;

Hipflask Sip and watch the sun set on the bonnet. Swaine Adeney Brigg’s classic in three sizes, from £70 (020-7409 7277;

Blanket Ideal for snuggling up or spreading on the ground for a quick picnic. Brora’s cashmere woven blanket comes in six beautiful colours, £349 (0845 659 9944;
Keep a Swaine Adeney Brigg Prince of Wales Malacca brolly in your boot, £290
UmbrellaDriving shoes – His and hers in a variety of colours and styles, £230 (020-7235 1321;
Driving shoesBackgammon set I always travel with a game. Trivial Pursuit is a good one for in the car, but, for the evenings, its got to be backgammon or Scrabble (020-7493 8385; set

 Holdalls Mulberry’s travel collection is ideal for a tight space. Price varies according to size (01761 234200;

 Mont Blanc Pencil

Picnic hamper – The classic wicker picnic hamper from Fortnum & Mason (020-7734 8040; Hamper

Sunglasses Choose a style to suit, but make them big this year! (020-7581 2928;


Hand-sewn leather driving gloves, £125 (0845 458 0779;
Hand-sewn leather driving glovesBinoculars by Swarovski – For the mystery bird circling overhead-prices vary according to style (020-7409 7277; BinocularsNotebook Smythson travel journal – note down the little restaurants you would never find again, £40 (0845 873 2435;


Silk headscarf by Hermès – The iconic look for an open top. Vintage silk-twill scarf, hand rolled£200 (020-7823 1014; Silk Headscarf