Must-see exhibitions for 2013

Constable, Gainsborough, Turner and the Making of Landscape
During the 18th and 19th centuries there was a shift in style in Landscape painting. This exhibition looks at the works by three towering figures of English landscape and includes 150 works of art, including paintings, prints, books and archival material.
8th December 2012- 17th February 2013,
Royal Academy of Arts.

Force of Nature: Picturing Ruskin’s Landscape
Nature is a constant source of artistic inspiration. This exhibition looks at the theme of landscape, as reflected in the thoughts and opinions of John Ruskin. Including works from Sheffield’s own Ruskin and art collections, paintings by Turner and the Pre-Raphaelites, as well as work from contemporary artists such as Julian Opie and George Shaw.
15th December 2012- 23rd June 2013.
Millennium Gallery, Sheffield Museum.

Turner in January
JMW Turner- “the painter of light”- is one of the greatest masters of British watercolour landscape painting, thirty-eight of which are showcased within this exhibition, providing a remarkable overview of many of the most important aspects of Turner’s career.
1st- 31st January, 2013,
National Gallery, Edinburgh.

Manet: Portraying Life
The first retrospective devoted to the portraiture of the Edouard Manet. Including more that 50 works, this exhibition reveals Manet’s forward-thinking, modern approach to portraiture.
26th January- 14th April 2013,
Royal Academy of Arts.

Peter Fraser
Fraser has been at the forefront of colour photography as a fine art medium since the early 1980s and this exhibition includes works spanning thirty years of his career.
26th January- 6th May 2013,
Tate, St. Ives.

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Rokeby: Poetry and Landscape; Walter Scott and Turner in Teesdale
Marking the bicentenary of the publication of Walter Scott’s epic poem, this exhibition explores the relationship between literature and art, examining how the poem attracted artists such as JMW Turner and William Holman Hunt to Teesdale. Featuring works from the British Museum, Tate, and regional galleries, as well as the Museum’s own collection.
26th January- 28th April, 2013,
The Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle.

Schwitters in Britain
Kurt Schwitters was an important figure for the development of European Dadaism, and this exhibition focuses on his British period.
30th January- 12th May 2013,
Tate Britain.

Massimo Bartolini
Renowned for experimental art, Bartolini’s work challenges our experience of space, engaging directly with the spectator. This exhibition features a major instillation and a selection of small sculptures and works on paper.
1st February- 14th April 2013,
The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh.

Man Ray Portraits
Man Ray had a central role within the Dada and Surrealist movements. This exhibition, displaying over 150 of his prints taken on two continents, portrays his revolutionary photographic techniques.
7th February- 27th May 2013,
National Portrait Gallery, London.

Looking at the View
An exhibition dedicated to the continuities in the visions of landscape over the last 300 years. All works featured are by British artists, ranging from the renowned, such as Tracey Emin and JMW Turner, to lesser-known artists.
12th Febraury- 2nd June 2013,
Tate Britain

Barocci: Brilliance and Grace
A celebrated 16th century Italian artist, this exhibition displays a selection of Federico Barocci’s altar pieces, devotional paintings, portraits, preparatory drawings and oil sketches.
27th February- 19th May 2013,
National Gallery, London.
Mexico – A Revolution in Art.
Focussing on the first thirty years of the twentieth century, this exhibition shows the works of famous Mexican artists, such as José Clemente Orozco, as well as artists whose work was affected by their experiences in Mexico.
6th January- 14th April 2013,
Royal Academy of Arts

Becoming Picasso: Paris 1901
This exhibition offers a chance to appreciate works that originally featured in Pablo Picasso’s 1901 Paris exhibition, which was responsible for launching his artistic career.
4th February- 26th May 2013,
The Courtauld

Imaginary View: An Exhibition by Dan Tobin Smith and Rachel Thomas
This exhibition shows a collection of photographs of landscapes created entirely from polystyrene. The result of the collaboration between the photographer Dan Tobin Smith and the designer Rachel Thomas.
18th January- 10th February 2013,
Somerset House

The Bride and the Bachelors: Duchamp with Cage, Cunningham, Rauschenberg and Johns
An exhibition highlighting the legacy of Marcel Duchamp and his relationship with the composer John Cage, the choreographer Merce Cunningham and the artists Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns. Featuring around 90 works, some showing in the UK for the first time.
14th February- 9th June 2013,
The Barbican

Quentin Blake: Drawn by Hand
An exhibition featuring book illustrations, etchings, lithographs and drawings from renowned illustrator Quentin Blake, famous for illustrating Roald Dahl’s children’s books.
12th February- 12th May 2013,
The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge.

Xu Bing: Landscpe Landscript
Xu Bing is one of China’s most renowned and critically acclaimed artists, and this is the first exhibition dedicated to his landscapes.
28th February- 19th May 2013,
The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.

George Catlin: American Indian Portraits
Including over 50 portraits, this exhibition shows the efforts of the Pennsylvanian- born artist George Catlin’s five trips to the western United States, in which he tried to capture the Native American Indian’s way of life. This is the first time they have been exhibited outside America since the 1840s.
7th March- 23rd June 2013,
National Portrait Gallery, London

Cairo to Constantinople: Early Photographs of the Middle East
This exhibition features the work of British photographer Francis Bedford, who documented the four- month Royal Tour of the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII) in 1862. Bedford’s photographs capture Egypt, Palestine and the Holy Land, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and Greece.
8th March- 21st July 2013,
The Queen’s Gallery, Palace of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh.

The Tate Britain Commission: Simon Starling
The English conceptual artist Simon Starling will create the Tate Britain Commission this year.
12th March- 20th October 2013,
Tate Britain

George Bellows (1882-1925)
Including paintings, drawings and lithographs from the famous American Realist painter Bellows, this exhibition explores the principle themes of his artwork, for instance his fascination with New York’s gritty urban landscape.
16th March- 9th June 2013,
Royal Academy of Arts

David Bowie is
The first international exhibition of David Bowie’s explosive career, exploring his creativity as a musical innovator and cultural icon. Featuring over 300 objects incorporating the fields of fashion, sound, graphics, theatre, art and film.
23rd March- 28th July 2013,
The Victoria and Albert Museum.

Moore Rodin-
A comparison of the work of Henry Moore and Augustus Rodin, examining the relationship between figure and landscape. Includes loans from the Musée Rodin in Paris, the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge.
29th March- 27th October 2013,
The Henry Moore Foundation, Perry Green, Herts.

Bellini, Botticelli, Titian…500 years of Italian Art
Including works by Giovanni Bellini, Sandro Botticelli, Titian, Salvator Rosa and Francesco Guardi this exhibition includes landscapes, portraits and devotional works, chronicling Italian painting from 1400-1900.
23rd March- 23rd June 2013,
Compton Verney, Warwickshire.

In Fine Style: The Art of Tudor and Stuart Fashion
An exhibition dedication to the exploration of the luxurious, extravagant costumes of the British monarchs of the 16th and 17th centuries.
10th May- 6th October 2013,
The Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace.

Tim Walker: Fashion Photography

An exhibition of the work of British fashion photographer Tim Walker, who has produced work for both Vogue and Harpers & Queen.
25th May- 1st September 2013,
The Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle.

Chagall: Modern Master
The Russian painter Marc Chagall is one of the greatest painters of the last century and this exhibition shows over sixty of his paintings and works on paper. Tracing his artistic development from his early ‘folk’ art to his later unique style incorporating fauve, cubist, expressionist and suprematist influences with his own Jewish culture.
8th June- 6th October 2013,
Tate Liverpool.
BP Portrait Award
The annual portrait competition, showing the best of contemporary portraiture from around the world.
20th June- 15th September 2013,
National Portrait Gallery, London

Collecting Gauguin: Samuel Courtauld in the 20s
An exhibition of Samuel Courtauld’s collection of paintings, works on paper and sculpture from the Post-Impressionist master Paul Gauguin.
20th June- 8th September 2013,
The Courtauld

Vermeer and Music: The Art of Love and Leisure
Showing the work of Vermeer and his contemporaries, this exhibition explores the theme of music and musical pastimes in the 17th century Netherlands.
26th June- 8th September 2013,
National Gallery, London

Exhibitions July- December 2013

Turner and Constable: sketching from nature Works from the Tate Collection

The art of oil sketching in the landscape, rather than a studio, became fashionable within the late 18th and early 19th centuries. This exhibition shows over sixty works by Turner, Constable and their contemporaries.
13th July- 22nd September 2013,
Compton Verney, Warwickshire.

Richard Rogers RA: Ideas in Progress

An exhibition showing the works of the famous architect and urbanist Lord Rogers.
18th July- 13th October 2013,
Royal Academy of Arts

Witches and Wicked Bodies
Including works by Albrecht Dürer, Francisco de Goya and William Blake, this exhibition traces the depiction of witches and witchcraft over the past 500 years and includes works on loan from the British Museum, the National Gallery of London, the Victoria & Albert, as well as works from the Galleries’ own collection.
27th July- 3rd November 2013,
Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

Leonardo Da Vinci: The Mechanics of Man
This exhibition focuses on Leonardo da Vinci’s anatomical investigations of 1510-11, a series of 18 sheets crammed with over 240 drawings from the autopsies he carried out at the University of Padua.
2nd August- 10th November 2013,
The Queen’s Gallery, Palace of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh

The Portrait in Vienna 1900

Featuring the works of Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele and Oskar Kokoschka this exhibition examines Viennese painting in the years around 1900.
9th October 2013- 12th January 2014,
National Gallery, London

Paul Klee

Klee’s career boasts (among other things) teaching at the Bauhaus alongside Kandinsky in the 1920s and publishing many texts on art theory. This exhibition, the UK’s first major show of Klee’s work, charts his artistic progression alongside his life’s achievements and includes drawings, watercolours and paintings from collections around the world.
15th October 2013- 9th March 2014,
Tate Modern, London.

Whistler in London
The paintings produced by James Abbott McNeil Whistler after 1859, the year he arrived in London, assaulted the art establishments of his day. This exhibition features paintings of Chelsea and the River Thames and includes Blue and Gold- Old Battersea Bridge.
16th October 2013- 12th January 2014,
Dulwich Picture Gallery.

Honoré Daumier (1808- 1879)
During Daumier’s lifetime France saw extensive political and social change as well as the development of the Romantic and Realist Movements. This exhibition follows a chronological span of Daumier’s lifetime and includes drawings and watercolours by the artist, as well as a selection of contemporary lithographs.
26th October 2013- 26th January 2014,
Royal Academy of Arts

The Royal Academy Diamond Jubilee Gift
A magnificent gift of 97 works for the Queen to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee. Works exhibited display the breadth of the Membership of the Royal Academy and include Tracey Emin, David Hockney, Anish Kapoor, Cornelia Parker and Grayson Perry.
1st November 2013- 16th March 2014,
The Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace.

The Genius of Castiglione
This exhibition boasts the finest surviving work of the Italian 17th century Baroque artist Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione.
1st November 2013- 16th March 2014,
The Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace.

High Spirits: The Art of Thomas Rowlandson
This exhibition features drawings and prints from the English caricaturist Thomas Rowlandson, capturing life in Georgian England at the turn of the 19th century.
22nd November 2013- 2nd March 2014,
The Queen’s Gallery, Palace of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh