Your holiday photos could be art

The World Beach Project is an idea put forward by the artist Sue Lawty in conjunction with The Victoria and Albert Museum  (V&A), the world’s largest museum of decorative arts and design – it’s a global incentive to present art from beaches all over the world.

The project is open to anybody who is keen to bring together nature and art by creating patterns, pictures or simply just piles from rocks and pebbles found on the beach. So far 427 beaches in Europe alone have been included in the World Beach Project with people producing beautiful pieces of coastal artwork to add to the ever-growing collection. Why not join in and add your bit of beach artwork to the gallery?

To ensure your piece is included in the project you must take three photos. One photo of the beach where you made your pattern, secondly one of you in the progress of making your pattern and lastly a picture of the finished masterpiece! You can then load your pictures onto the V&A website on the World Beach Project page by following the simple instructions listed on the page



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