A survey on www.countrylife.co.uk has found that out of five different options, a cottage in Cornwall is the most popular choice for a second home.

With over 600 responses, the survey confirms the popularity of Cornwall as the most popular place to holiday, receiving 30% of the vote, with the Highlands coming a close second on 28% and a home overseas third with 20% of respondents voting for that option.

The appeal of Cornwall stems from its reputation for ruggedly picturesque landscapes, pretty period properties and proximity to its stunning coastline.  

Countrylife.co.uk second homes poll results:

Q: Where is your dream second home?


A cottage in Cornwall by the sea (30%)

A loch-side Highland retreat (28%)

Somewhere abroad – a place in the sun (20%)

A thatched cottage in Devon (13%)

An old rectory in Wales (9%)

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