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Grenadines private island for sale

This private island is a perfect hideaway within easy reach of London

One of the largest private islands for sale in the Grenadines, Ronde Island has all the natural advantages of the area’s incredible topography, with rolling verdant hills and valleys leading down to charming natural coves. As such, this island offers a variety of ridgetop and beachfront locations upon which you might build.

For those who like to snorkel or dive, the marine life is magnificent: visibility exceeds 100 feet, and turtles, large fish and green moray eels are a common sight in this beautiful environment.

Underwater, the sights are breathtaking, and include drop-offs over ‘bottomless’ vertical walls, coral-encrusted canyons and an underground cavern decorated with stalactites and quartz crystals. The local bird population is also vibrant, and features white and brown diving pelicans.

The island comprises around 2000 acres and the price is POA. There are direct flights from London to Grenada weekly.

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