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French mortgage timeline

Timeline for getting a French Mortgage

Day 1  

You agree on a mortgage product which your consultant believes you will be successful in obtaining based on the information you provide.    

Day 2

Beginning of the application    
Your consultant sends you the mortgage application pack containing:

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*   a mortgage application form
*   a list of documents required to support your application    

Day 15

Reception of the completed application and all supporting documents    You have now completed the forms and gathered all the documents on the list. It is now time for you to send us your full application which your consultant will review for completeness.

If your file is complete it will be forwarded to the bank providing rates have not changed.

Day 20
Bank analysis of your application
Once received at the bank, an underwriter will assess your file. If they need any further information that we cannot provide, we will contact you.

The underwriter may ask for additional documents at this stage.    

Day 27
Bank agreement    
Once everything is clear and substantiated, the underwriter will accept your application.

Day 30
French bank account and life insurance cover    
Now it is time to apply for a French Bank account and life insurance cover as required.

Day 37
Life insurance agreement    
You may have had to do medical exams depending on the answers on your life insurance questionnaire, your age or the amount to be insured.
About 5 days after they receive your medical results, we receive the insurance agreement.
Your mortgage offer can now be printed.

Day 42
Reception of the mortgage offer    
It is usually sent by DHL to your home address and takes about 3 to 4 days to arrive. Please let your consultant know as soon as you receive your offer so they can help you to understand the document.    

Day 53
Signature of the mortgage offer By French law, you will then need to wait a minimum of 11 days before signing the offer and sending it back to the bank.

Please let your consultant know when you have returned the offer as they will make sure that it has been received at the bank.

Day 55
Mortgage in place    
Once the offer has been received by the bank (assuming that it was acceptable-no corrections/tippex are permitted on the offer) your current account will be activated. It might be a good time for you to transfer some funds into your account.    

Day 55
Payment of the broker fees    
You will now need to pay your broker fees if you used one. You will be sent an invoice stating how much you will be required to pay    

Day 60
Signature of the title of deed    
At this stage the bank will send your file to the notary who will be responsible for the registration of the loan completing the purchase.

Champagne is in order!    

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